List of Literacy Based Websites for Teachers, Students, and Parents

Literacy Component

Website & Description

All five components - This site provides information for teachers and parents.  Teachers -make sure to check out the classroom strategies (gives you ideas for all five components and when to use them). Parents- make sure to check out the how to find the ‘just right’ book, set up a home library, and find ways to ‘hook’ a struggling reader.


Comprehension/ Fluency - Screen actor guild award winners read aloud childhood favorite picture books.  Activities to go along with stories included. This is a great site to use in the classroom but sometimes I have difficulties loading the videos.  Make sure to try it out ahead of time to be prepared for any technology questions.

Overview of all literacy components - Explore dozens of fun games and activities for kids designed to foster early learning and child development. This site seems to be for younger students (pre-school through third grade). It has a book finder feature, which allows for parents/ students to choose an age and genre of book and it will list books with their descriptions.


Comprehension - Includes book and author suggestions and interactive games.


Comprehension - Poetry Creator- Create your own poem. Students can put into practice their knowledge of different poetry such as; haiku, limerick, cinquain, and free verse. This site is interactive whiteboard ready. 



Writing - Create your own comic strip!


Comprehension /

Writing - Make your own trading cards for your favorite character from a story! Teachers- make sure to check out the more ideas to try section (scroll down to the bottom before starting trading cards). 


Comprehension/ Fluency - Practice reading or writing a fractured fairy tale. Teachers- make sure to check out the more ideas to try section (scroll down to the bottom before starting trading cards).


Comprehension - allows you to read certain books right online (Example: Diary of a Wimpy Kid). It also has math games.


Comprehension Analyzes the characters in a book.

Vocabulary/ Phonics  This site seems to be for younger students (Pre-school- 2nd grade). It contains activities for math, language, and science.

Grammar - Students in grades 3-5 can use this site for grammar practice.

Phonics/ Vocabulary Practice spelling patterns and play game! Input your own spelling words/ vocabulary words and have students practice in school or at home. 


Vocabulary - Unsure of a word- Let WordCenral help you out. This is an online dictionary to help you find the meaning of those unfamiliar words.


Overview of all literacy components - This site seems to be for younger students.  They can practice letter knowledge, phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. 

Phonic/ Phonemic Awareness/ Vocabulary/ Comprehension - This is a site where you can explore different reading strategy games.


Phonemic Awareness  -This site helps emerging readers identifying letter sounds and words using media- Pre K to K.


Vocabulary/ Comprehension  Students can practice vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar activities on this site.




Smartboard Interactive Websites for Teaching

Step 1: Click on Smart Notebook on your desktop

Step 2: Name Smart Notebook (Example: ELA: Summarizing lesson)

Step 3: Click on the tab on the left hand side (it looks like a picture frame) then click on smart exchange

Step 4: In smart exchange window, click search

Step 5: Here you can search for any type of lesson you are looking for by typing in a key phrase in the search all resources area. You can also look up ideas based on standards-correlated lessons (note that these are not the updated standards of 2010).  You can choose the state, grade, and subject to find lessons that correlate with standards you want to meet for a particular lesson.  Click on view resources.  Once you find a lesson that you want to use- click download then open. Then save file under desired name.