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for Students in Mrs. Kornmeyer’s Classes



bullet Arrive on time. Students should be in the building no later than 8:30 in order to use the bathroom, go to their locker, and arrive in homeroom in time for attendance.
bullet Instruction begins at 8:45.
bullet Turn homework in on time the day it is due or upon return to school after an absence.
bullet Be prepared with all required materials, including sharpened pencils, before class begins.
bullet Include a complete and proper heading on all papers

           (full name, student ID number, date, subject & assignment).

bullet Do all work neatly, with their best handwriting, and with proper margins. 
bullet Write final copies of writing assignments in blue or black ink when they are not typed.
bullet Read at least  30 minutes at home daily.
bullet Begin long term assignments as soon as they are assigned.
bullet Take quality notes.
bullet Ask good questions.
bullet Study for tests—more than just once the night before the test.
bullet Practice the organizational skills taught in class.
bullet Learn from mistakes.
bullet Participate appropriately in class discussions and group activities.
bullet Use an assignment pad to copy down assignments every day.
bullet Have teachers initial the assignment pad in school daily.
bullet Have a parent initial the assignment pad at home daily.
bullet Take a Friday folder home weekly and bring it back with required signatures on Monday (or on the next day of school attendance if there is no school on Monday).
bullet Be helpful.
bullet Be positive!
bullet When in doubt—ask!



Students are expected to read at home for at least  30 minutes daily.  Students must study for weekly spelling tests and may also be assigned other ELA or social studies work to be completed at home from time to time.  This will include any classwork not completed in school in the time allowed.  All homework and classwork taken home for completion is expected to be turned in upon arrival in school the day it is due. It must be neat, complete and of acceptable quality.  If this is not the case, the student will complete missing assignments and/or redo unacceptable work during recess and/or in after school detention.  Returning the Friday folder with a signed weekly newsletter is considered a homework assignment.

Under some special circumstances, a student will be allowed extra time to finish an incomplete assignment as homework if a note from a responsible adult explaining the circumstances is submitted in place of the assignment that was due.  Illness and power failures are examples of special circumstances that might cause a student to require extra time to complete an assignment.  It is expected that this will be a very rare occurrence.   Failing to take home the materials necessary to complete an assignment is not an acceptable excuse for not completing an assignment on time.

Homework generally should not take a fourth grader more than 45 minutes a night including
30 minutes of reading.  If a parent notices that a child is having a hard time completing all homework in less than an hour on a regular basis, please contact Mrs. Kornmeyer to discuss this.   Of course, students are strongly encouraged to read for more than 30 minutes a day whenever time allows!


Updated 10/21/14