Skit Script Assignment


As we have learned, a skit is a short play.  A script is a written version of a play or skit used by the actors and other people who are preparing for a performance.  It contains the dialogue, the words the actors will say, as well as stage directions to tell the actors what to do.   The script is written with a particular format to make it easy for the actors to use.

Now that you have learned how to write dialogue and stage directions for a script, your task is to write a script for a brief skit of your own.  Below are the requirements for this assignment.


Your Skit Must:

·        Have a moral—It must focus on a positive character trait from our Star Student program.


o       Respect

o       Trustworthiness

o       Thankfulness

o       Kindness

o       Responsibility

o       Honesty

o       Perseverance

o       Resourcefulness

o       Cooperation

o       Friendship


·        Be something our kindergarten buddies can understand.

·        Contain no violence.


Your Script Must:

·        Have at least 2 characters.

·        Have at least 10 lines of dialogue—with a line of dialogue being defined for our purposes as the words spoken by one character before another character begins to speak.  It may be one sentence, an exclamation, or many sentences.

·        Have no more than 20 lines of dialogue.

·        Have at least one stage direction.

·        Use proper script format:

o       Have a colon between each character’s name and his or her words.

o       Start on a new line each time a new character is speaking.

o       Use parentheses around stage directions.

o       Use italics for stage directions when the script is typed.

·        Be revised and edited by you before it is handed in to your teacher.


To see a sample skit script click here.